Group Company(Chem Group)

Group Company Outline

Company Name Waterchem Incorporated logo Finechem Incorporated logo Japanchem Incorporated logo
Established February 1975 May 1984 April 1990
Capital 12 million yen 10 million yen 20 million yen
Type of industry Contract manufacturer Contract manufacturer Chemical trading company

Group Company Guide

Waterchem Inc. HQ plant and R&D

Water-chem Inc. Hitachi plant photoWater-chem Inc. Hitachi plant photo

Waterchem Inc. Hitachi plant

Fine-chem Inc. HQ plant and R&D photoFine-chem Inc. HQ plant and R&D photo

Finechem Inc. HQ plant and R&D

Fine-chem Inc. Hokuriku plantFine-chem Inc. Hokuriku plant

Finechem Inc. Hokuriku plant

Waterchem Inc. and Finechem Inc. are contract manufacturing companies involved in all chemicals. Waterchem Inc. and Finechem Inc. respond to customers’ various needs by extensive service such as industrialization of developing product, improvement of current process and cost reduction, based on the technology cultivated for about 30 years since the establishment of company.
Pharmaceutical raw material and intermediate, fine chemical, special chemical, functional polymer, advanced material, etc.
HQ and Hokuriku plants have clean room and ICP-AES, and actively work on electronic materials field of ppb level.